Why PropiRR

v Our expert team will guide to the best IRR for your monthly income.

v Ownership in A+ Grade Property.

v Stable and well-established tenant.

v Team Expertise in reviewing, executing and delivering returns on property.

v Ensure asset management with focus on enhancing property value.

v Transparent dealings.

v Convenience of technology and enabling desired liquidity.

 There are multiple advantages by investing money in a stable and high yield asset which has guaranteed yield growth year and year.

 In a volatile & uncertain economic environment it is important that we PLAN our investments for generating returns which are balanced and as per our Goals. In this endeavor we keep advising client to have a well distributed asset class including Real Estate…every individual has an average 29% of networth in Real estate. Is your investments skewed to volatile asset class to generate 10-12% IRR .Time to take our guidance to make the best of your investment.


Salient Features of FIRE Portfolio:

Historically, Investments in residential house properties have yielded lower returns in India. We recommend you to buy A grade Commercial property which we have made affordable hitherto available to super-rich.

The key advantages of Constructing a Solid FIRE Portfolio are:

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Four steps involved in the Portfolio Services


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