When it comes to money, financial planning and working toward your financial goals. It's only natural to have questions.

We can help, with answers to your asset diversification questions designed to help you make more informed decisions about your money in FIRE and we are eager to help you decide whether FIRE (Fractional Investment in Real Estate) is right for you and how much exposure you should take to make the best balance.

1. What is Fractional Investment in Real Estate (FIRE)?

Fractional Investment in Real Estate (FIRE) is a popular mode & a new way of investing in a large property. With FIRE you own a ‘fraction’ of the property as per your affordability and need.

2. What are the envisaged benefits of FIRE?

FIRE is designed to make investment inclusive & affordable to all investors. The objective is to earn monthly returns from the property they own. Additionally there is benefit of potential price appreciations after few years which can enhance your returns.

3. What aspects must one remember while creating a Real Estate Portfolio?

Your financial goals, the risk and the returns are important while creating a portfolio. Most investors forget the risk aspect while looking at returns. With FIRE your risk and reward are well balanced. This investment gives you monthly lease rentals which grow periodically.

4. Do all properties suit my Risk profile?

No. We believe each investor abide to their financial goals and risk profile. We at PropIRR can connect you to Promore Fintech specialized & expert team, to compute and help you review your financial goals and objectives for FIRE. Based on the advisory team report we will recommend you the most suitable asset for your consideration in your Real Estate portfolio.

5. Who all can invest with PropIRR?

Any Indian citizen, HUF and registered Corporate can become our client for working with PropIRR. Even NRIs can benefit from our services.

6. What Is IRR?

IRR stands for Internal Rate of Return. IRR is the rate of interest that an investor benefits over the period of investments, and is useful to compare one investment to another.

7. Are the returns on FIRE guaranteed?

The FIRE returns are not guaranteed. All investments carry inherent risk. However, there are reasonable documents to ensure lease rentals lock-in and PropIRR stringent investment offering model to usher in a fair expectation. We believe not taking any risk is bigger risk hence a fair assessment of your risk profile and financial planning of diversification is critical.

8. What is the risk of my investment in FIRE?

There are few risks in the investment, one is the tenant vacates the property and re-leasing takes time another risk is asset appreciation may not be as per expectations. Liquidity risk can be one risk for few investors looking for an early exit. These risks can be mitigated if the Property selected for investment is A grade with matching high standard tenant.

9. What type of Commercial property do we offer?

We offer A grade CRE (Commercial Real Estate) which has been vetted by our legal experts. Our recommendation will have twin objectives i) investments generate good monthly returns ii)potentially high appreciation for enhanced IRR on exit.

10. What factors do we consider in our Offerings?

We cherry pick from the multiple choices offered by market. Before we offer any property for investment, we conduct stringent legal and financial due-diligence. We are also deep dive analysis on factors like location, building built quality, tenant pedigree, lease timeline, lock-in period and finally gross IRR with potential appreciation on exit.

11. How can I track my investment growth?

Our team will periodically update the progress in the locality. The attractiveness of investing in a good quality Real Estate is that the price keeps moving up while you’re asleep. You invest and sit tight while enjoying the monthly returns and asset appreciation.

12. What Documents are required for Investing with PropIRR ?

The KYC needs to be completed for each investor; hence we shall need one photograph, PANCard, Aadhaar, Demat account, and Bank account details to initiate the investment process.

13. What are the steps for FIRE at PropIRR?

The PropIRR team runs through a stringent process and will get you to best properties for your FIRE portfolio. Then the following six steps are involved in the Portfolio Services: 1. Completion of KYC documentation . 2. Selecting the FIRE property offered by PropIRR. 3. Buying the Asset by transfer of funds. 4. Closure of deal. 5. Allotment of “fractional asset” to investor. 6. Finally guiding with exit/book profit support service (after few years ).

14. Who will manage the property after the investment?

There will be a designated property manager who will be responsible for upkeeping the asset.

15. Does renting out a property attract GST?

For all commercial spaces that are on rent, GST will be applicable at rates defined on the taxable value. Rent would be treated as a taxable supply of service.

16. How are my investment subjected to Tax?

Monthly Returns: Depending on the deal structure Tax is deducted on monthly returns or paid to you post tax after payment at Ownership level. On exit: Capital gains on Exit is treated with indexation benefit if help for more than 24 months otherwise taxable at the applicable slab rate of the investor.