Explore Investment Options Beyond Fixed Deposits: Discover the Benefits of an Asset with the Stability of FDs and the Potential for Appreciation like Equities

Many investors have been limited to investing in fixed deposits, mutual funds, and the volatile stock market. However, these traditional investment options have failed to provide attractive returns due  to fixed deposit rates failing to keep up with inflation, and stock market unpredictability causing many to suffer losses. Even debt mutual funds have seen limited returns recently, given the current  economic situation. With inflation rates exceeding 5%, post-tax real returns are essentially non-existent.  

Fortunately, there is a solution: investors should consider adding commercial real estate to their investment portfolio. This large asset class has been ignored for decades and can be an alternative to fixed deposits, given the rental yields that often come with an escalation of rent every year or periodically as negotiated. This is in contrast to fixed deposits, where the returns are uncertain upon renewal. Another benefit of investing in commercial real estate is the potential for monthly cash flow,  which can help investors become financially independent over time. This cash flow can be used to fund SIP investments or monthly expenses for retired individuals or parents.  

Investing in commercial real estate also provides the potential for asset price appreciation over time.  Top-class commercial properties often see much higher appreciation compared to residential properties, which many of us invest in for retirement. To benefit from this opportunity, it is important to invest in A-grade commercial assets that offer higher IRR and monthly cash flow.  

In conclusion, leasing top-class commercial assets to the top 500 corporates and banks in India offer  a better investment option than traditional fixed deposits and mutual funds. We at Promore  Advisors are here to explore and discuss this opportunity with you to provide.

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